How to write GOOD examples for your IELTS essay Hey! Following on from last week’s episode, in which Nick and I explained how damaging fake examples are, today we look at how you can come up with good examples for your IELTS essay quickly and easily. The key is taking your own life experience or an observation that you have made in the real world, and turning it into universally accepted statement. Imagine that there are 100 people in front of you – a good example will be clear and accepted by 99 of them without question! Still confused? Then listen to find out more! Below, you can find a summary of the episode, which includes all of the links[…]

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3 reasons why you should NEVER use fake examples in IELTS essays Did you know that recent research at Cambridge University has shown that 100% of My IELTS Classroom students are satisfied with their course? I know – it surprised me too! What surprises me more, however, is that students continue to use fake examples in IELTS essays to “support” their ideas. I cannot express strongly enough how depressed this makes me feel. So, in today’s episode, I want to present my case as to why inventing fake statistics is pointless at best, and damaging to your writing score at worst. Below, you can find a summary of the episode, which includes all of the links to useful materials and[…]

Need IELTS Help?  Listen to our Q&A! Hey! Last week we asked you to email us any questions that you have about the IELTS exam, and boy did you deliver! Today, Nick and I try to answer as many as we can, which was a lot! If you are looking for general IELTS help, then this is the episode for you! One thing that we noticed when we were reading your emails was that many of you don’t realise that this podcast is not the main way that Nick and I help students on their IELTS journey! If you didn’t know that we offer video courses, daily live lessons, marking, and one-to-one lessons (!), then maybe you should go to[…]

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IELTS Letters 2021 Hey – welcome to our IELTS letters 2021 episode! Every time one of my students emails me their IELTS results, the fist thing I ask them is “What questions did you have in the writing exam?” There are two reasons for this: First, it helps me understand if our students are performing better in some type of questions than others (so I can support future students better). Second, it allows me to build a bank of recent exam questions that I can give to my students to use for high-quality practice. This week, I updated my recent IELTS letters blog post to show 20 prompts that have been given in exams this year. Today, Nick and I[…]

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20 Recent IELTS General Training Task 1 Questions Since publishing my blog post 50 recent IELTS essay questions (General Training and Academic), I have been flooded with requests for similar posts for Task One questions. So, today, I want to share some recent IELTS General Training Task 1 questions that appeared in the January 2021 exams.

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Speaking Part 2: The IELTS PPF method There is no doubt that Speaking Part Two can be challenging for many students. After all, talking continuously for 2 minutes is not something we do very often in every day life! However, is using the IELTS PPF method the best way to keep going until the examiner interrupts you? Nick and I think that it is definitely NOT for three reasons (that sounds like a To What Extent essay!) Listen to today’s episode to find out why we would never recommend this method and to find out our alternative suggestions. Below, you can find a summary of the episode, which includes all of the links to useful materials and the times of[…]

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IELTS Essay Questions 2021 Today, Nick and I take a first look at IELTS essay questions 2021. Yes, even though it is only the start of January, we have already collected and published over 50 essay questions that have been reported in the exam this January. You can find the full list in this blog post, but today we focus on 6 that I think are most interesting. Why? Well, it could be that the topic is new, or the format of the question is slightly different to usual, or it could be that it is difficult to generate ideas to address the topic fully – you will need to listen to the episode to find out! In fact, why[…]

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50 Recent IELTS Essay Questions  Hey! It is so important that when you sit down to practice IELTS writing, you only use questions that are “genuine”. This means using either questions that come from the IELTS Cambridge 1 – 15 series or those that have been created by an exam writer like those in my 100 IELTS essay question blog post. However, many students like to practice recent IELTS essay questions i.e. topics that have been reported by recent test-takers.

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IELTS Teacher Training Success Story, Alisa! Hey! Students take the IELTS exam for a range of reasons, but most are either migrating to an English-speaking country or planning to study in one. However, occasionally, we get to work with a student who has a totally different and much simpler goal – to improve their own teaching. Alisa is such a student. Having achieved a very respectable 7.5 in the academic exam in her first attempt, Alisa decided to try to better herself and managed to climb from a 6.5 to a 7.5 in writing, and from a 7.5 to an 8.5 in speaking after preparing with us at My IELTS Classroom. Today, you can listen to her full story to[…]

IELTS Letter Topics 2020 Archive Hey! The following IELTS general training task one questions were reported to have appeared in the real exam this year. I have edited the tasks to be as close as possible to the real questions. However, I want to make it very clear that these are only reproductions. It is highly unlikely that you will get one of these questions in your exam and even if you do, you should check the bullets as they may differ form those here. Use my IELTS letter topics 2020 archive as an extra source of practice, but stick to the Cambridge books for any work that you wish to be assessed by our marking service. IELTS Letter Topics 2020: Informal Letters[…]