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Generating Ideas for IELTS essays One of the main problems that students face when they start IELTS Writing is generating ideas for IELTS essays. Today, Nick and I look at one way that you should definitely NOT use to find ideas, and then look at two simple approaches that you should. I also have a great blog post that discusses idea generation that you might want to read first before you listen. Below, you can find a summary of the episode, which includes all of the links to useful materials and the times of each part of the discussion (so you can go directly to the part you want to listen to)¬†ūüöÄ Subscribe to My IELTS Classroom podcast on Apple[…]

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IELTS Speaking Part 3 In IELTS Speaking Part 3, the focus moves away from you to the world around you. This means that you will have to be able to speak about abstract topics, which is not easy even for high-level test takers. In the episode above, Nick and I explain how to approach these questions well by looking at the types of question you will be asked, the common topics covered, and the right and wrong way to answer the questions in this part of the test. Plus, if you scroll to the end of this blog post, you can find the second episode where we analyse 5 students attempts at Part 3 to say what they are doing[…]

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Why overgeneralising is damaging your IELTS essay score! I sometimes think that the world that I live in is very different to the one that IELTS test-takers live in. For example, when I was a child, my sister and I played a lot of computer games. The result? A lot of happy memories and good hand-eye coordination. However, if you ask IELTS test-takers what the result of playing computer games is, the answer is always the same: blindness, lack of social skills, and maybe, a life of crime! Do you see the problem? These results are just TOO BIG! In¬†IELTS overgeneralising is specifically mentioned in the band descriptors as a mistake that stops students getting¬†an 8.0 for Task Response or[…]

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3 common IELTS Grammar Mistakes I know, I know, I know – not everybody likes grammar! In fact, even Nick hated it when he first started teaching. The problem, though, is that 25% of your score for writing and listening will be awarded based on your sentence structures. There are many places where students can make errors in the writing test, but day upon day, Nick and I see the same 3 common IELTS grammar mistakes again and again. What are they? Well, you will need to listen to find out!

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50 Recent IELTS Essay Questions¬† Hey! It is so important that when you sit down to practice IELTS writing, you only use¬†questions that are “genuine”. This means using either questions that come from the IELTS Cambridge 1 – 14 series or those that have been created by an exam writer, like those in my 100 IELTS essay question blog post.¬†However, many students like to practice recent IELTS essay questions i.e. topics that have been reported by recent test-takers.

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IELTS Line Graphs Last week, we focussed on General Training Writing Task One and the importance of having the tone in your letters. Today, we move to Academic Writing Task One, to look at how you can tackle the tasks to make sure that you have clear key features and make comparisons. How are we going to do that? We are going to focus on ONE type of chart – IELTS line graphs. I think that this is the chart that students struggle with most, but is actually the easiest one to answer once you know a few simple strategies. And, guess what? Those are what we are going to show you in today’s episode!

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IELTS Discuss Both Sides Essays – are you making this mistake? Hey! There is a lot of discussion in IELTS forums about IELTS discuss both sides organisation. However, what many people fail to consider is what information each paragraph should actually contain. So, today,¬†I want to address the most common (and dangerous) error that students can make in a Discuss Both Sides essay ‚Äď discussing the topic instead of the views.

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Taking your IELTS Letters to the next level! Hey. Do you know the difference between a good IELTS letter and a great one? The tone! Writers who are able to engage with the question and write IELTS letters that feels AUTHENTIC are those who walk away with a 7.5 or an 8.0 for General Training Writing Task One instead of a 6.5 or 6.0. Today, Nick and I are going to focus on how you can analyse the prompt to make your formal and semi-formal letters feel as genuine as possible. And, if you are an Academic student, DON’T SWITCH OFF! There is a lot to learn here about engaging with an IELTS question that can help you with your[…]

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IELTS Success Canada, Abdelaziz! Hey! It’s my favourite type of podcast – the one where I get to sit down and talk to one of our students whose IELTS journey has come to an end. In fact, this week it was Nick who sat down with Abdelaziz to find out how he was able to pass IELTS first time with an overall score of 8.0 (including an 8.0 for writing!).¬†If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, or just good advice about what you can do to reach your target score, then stop listening to me, and start listening to our lovely student, Abdelaziz, who is our IELTS success Canada story today!

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Five More IELTS essay topics 2020 explained Hey! Today Nick and I look at five MORE reported IELTS essay topics from 2020. Yes, after the success of our first episode doing this, which is by far our most downloaded lesson (you can listen to it¬†here if you haven’t already), we decided to once again breakdown five questions to show you how we would approach them. Plus, this time I have chosen some really DIFFICULT ones.¬†As always, I cannot be 100% sure that the wording of these questions is totally accurate, but they are based on the information provided to me by my students and are edited to be as close to the real IELTS essay topics 2020 as possible. If[…]