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The Best and Worst of IELTS 2020

Hey! I think that we can all agree that IELTS 2020 has not been easy. COVID has meant that many of us have had to spend weeks or months indoors, with test centres around the world closing, university courses moving online, and future plans being put on hold as we all try to ride the storm into 2021. However, despite of the hardships of this year, there have been bright spots.

This podcast has been one. It wouldn’t exist if Nick and I hadn’t had spare time on our hands during lockdown. And the same goes for the new reading, listening, and speaking courses that we now offer at My IELTS Classroom, along with the daily group lessons that all of our subscribers can join for free as part of their IELTS packages.

Most importantly, although there were fewer test-takers this year thanks to the centre closures, My IELTS Classroom has still helped hundreds of students reach their target scores (you can read some fo their success stories here).

So, today, join Nick and I as we review the best and worst of IELTS 2020. We will discuss

  • 03:04 – 09:19 The best and worst Speaking Part One questions in 2020 
  • 09:19 – 18:25 The best and worst Speaking Cue Card questions  in 2020 
  • 18:26 – 32:29 The best and worst IELTS essay questions in 2020  
  • 32:30 – 35:41 The best My IELTS Classroom podcast episodes in 2020 
  • 35:42 – END Our favourite teaching moments in 2020 

Plus, you still have time to enter the My IELTS Classroom Quiz to win a free monthly subscription to the My IELTS Classroom Bronze Writing Package by emailing the answers to these three questions a to us by December 31st! 🎅🎅🎅

  1. What did Nick put on his pizza back in April?
  2. In August, Shelly went on holiday up a mountain – what couldn’t she eat OR what activity did she do?
  3. Nick and I both have our birthday in the same month – which one?

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