Introducing the My IELTS Classroom Podcast!

Welcome to the new My IELTS Classroom podcast! Yes, every week I will sit down with my good friend Nick Lone, who is also an IELTS expert to talk about all things IELTS. We will give advice, teach you high-level skills, and hopefully guide you to a high score (while having some fun along the way!)

How can I listen to My IELTS Classroom podcast?

My IELTS Classroom episodes will be published every Tuesday. You can subscribe to the My IELTS Classroom podcast on any popular podcast provider to receive every new lesson directly to your phone. Subscribing is easy – you can just click on the relevant link:

Subscribe to My IELTS Classroom podcast on Apple podcasts here

Subscribe to My IELTS Classroom on Google podcasts here

Listen on Spotify by searching for My IELTS Classroom Podcast

Listen find every past episode on your computer here

You can also stream each episode directly from my blog by searching for “Podcasts” in the menu above or using the direct link https://blog.myieltsclassroom.com/category/podcast/.

The pages on my blog will also contain the links to the materials that we mention in each episode and a short summary with time codes, so you can fast forward to the parts you want to listen to again!

What will you talk about in the My IELTS Classroom Podcast?

In the first five episodes, we are going to produce a series called IELTS 101. These episodes are designed to introduce new students to the basics of the IELTS exam. We will start with a general introduction to the IELTS exam and then have separate episodes for speaking, listening, reading and writing. In each episode we will give you the relevant facts about each test (i.e. how long they last, what they involve, and how they are marked) before showing you how to start preparing properly.

If you are just starting your IELTS preparation, these will be an invaluable resource.

Here is a link to the first episode:

Then, from episode six, we will start to discuss more advanced IELTS topics, ranging from common myths about the exam to specific techniques for different questions. Nick and I do not represent the IELTS organisation but, between us, we have over 30 years’ experience preparing students for the exam, so we have a lot of useful information that we want to share with as many students as we can. You can listen to episode six here:

Why are you starting an IELTS podcast?

Our aim is to create a space where students can come and find information that they 100% trust. There is so much misinformation about IELTS online that it is easy for students to become confused or even overwhelmed. I have personally been shocked at the amount of low quality lessons on popular websites such as Facebook and Youtube since I started my online school in 2016.

In fact, many do not just prevent students from learning, but actively damage their preparation. We thought that a podcast would be a great way to give students information that is correct. It is also a great way for test-takers to practice their listening skills too!

What if I can’t understand the episodes?

Don’t worry! If you find listening difficult, then you can use the episode notes to help you. All you need to do is read along as you listen. If you find any words that you don’t understand, you can just pause and look them up in a dictionary.

In fact, it’s OK if you don’t understand every word at the beginning – just follow each episode as best you can. I promise that the more episodes you listen to, the easier it will become. The most important thing is that you understand the information we are giving you. We are going to help you with many aspects of the test, not just listening!

Can I recommend a topic for My IELTS Classroom podcast?

Sure, we welcome any questions or requests from our students. If you would like us to discuss something in an episode or just have a question about the test, then you can email us at hello@myieltsclassroom.com.

Do you offer private help with IELTS?

I created an online school called My IELTS Classroom that has dozens of interactive lessons to teach IELTS writing and grammar. You can go to our site (www.myieltsclassroom.com) and watch the first 12 lessons for free right now. We also have a marking service, and offer 1-2-1 lessons via Skype or Zoom. Plus, there are many other free lessons on our blog.

Once you enter the world of My IELTS Classroom, you will see that we can offer you professional help for every aspect of the test. More importantly, we offer a service that is both professional AND personal – I promise that once you join, your score will be as important to us as it is to you. Trust me, that is not the same for every IELTS preparation centre, but something that we pride ourselves on.

So, I hope that you are as excited about the new podcast as we are! Remember to subscribe to the podcast to make sure you never miss Nick and I discussing two IELTS topics every week, and you can find all of our lessons at IELTS services at www.myieltsclassroom.com.

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