How will the IELTS Children Protection Policy affect your speaking test?

Hey, this is just a very short blog post to update you with some small changes that will be coming into effect over the next few months following the implementation of a new IELTS children protection policy. The policy is designed to ensure that every test-taker under the age of eighteen sits the exam in the safest possible environment.

In terms of the test itself, nothing will change – under 18’s will continue to sit the same test as adults. The only difference will be that from June 2020, every minor will be accompanied throughout the test day by a chaperone. This will NOT be a parent or guardian, but a member of the IELTS test day team will be appointed to accompany the test-taker from the moment they enter the restricted IELTS testing area until they are returned to a responsible legal guardian after the test.

A hand sits under a lock to symbolise safety through the new IELTS children protection policy Most important, the chaperone will be present in the speaking room during the minor’s speaking testHowever, let me be clear, the chaperone will not be able to help or guide the student during the test! They will just sit quietly at the side of the room to make sure that the student is in a safe environment. The examiner will also mention the chaperone at the very start of the test as they record the test day information (i.e. date, centre number, student number, etc.), but other than that, they will take no part in the test.

Personally, I think that this is a good move as I have tested students as young as 15 in the past and I think it will be good to have a person making sure that they are looked after on test day. This is especially true when tests are held in large hotels where it is easy to get lost (I once got stuck in a lift with twenty Colombian football fans just before England played them in the World Cup when I was still examining – I can still hear them booing me!!!) or when the main part of the test is held in a different location to the speaking part.

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