All Cambridge IELTS 17 Letters Analysed

Hey! Today, Nick and I take a look at what we think are new Cambridge IELTS 17 letters. In other words, although the book was published in July, we were unable to get our hands on a copy, so we are hoping that these are the real questions as we got them from a third source!)

We will look at each question in turn to analyse which tone you will need to adopt to get a high score for Task Achievement, and we will consider how you should approach each bullet to make sure you address the points fully. Plus, we discover how important to read ALL of the bullets and PLAN your letter before you start writing.

Below, you can find a summary of the episode, which includes all of the links to useful materials and the times of each part of the discussion (so you can go directly to the part you want to listen to)You can also find every episode of the podcast here 🚀

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All Cambridge IELTS 17 Letters Analysed

In the episode, Nick and I will consider how to approach each of the following prompts. However, you will get more from the lesson if you spend some time planning your own answers before you listen to the podcast. Here are the questions that we will be discussing. Take some time to decide

  1. What the tone of each letter should be
  2. What information you should include in the opener and closer of each letter
  3. What information you would use to address the bullets
  4. What specific details or personal information you would add to make your letter seem more realistic

The parents of your Australian friend, Chris, have invited you to a surprise birthday for him / her. Write a letter to Chris’s parents. In your letter.

  • say why you think Chris will enjoy the surprise party
  • explain why you won’t be able to attend the party
  • give details of a plan you have to see Chris at a different time

You have bought some clothing online and are not satisfied with your purchase. Write a letter to the company you that bought the clothes from. In the letter

  • give details of your purchase
  • describe the problem with the clothing
  • explain why you need a replacement item of clothing immediately

Your English-speaking friend who lives in your town has asked for you advice about learning a new sport. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • recommend a new sport that would be suitable for your friend to learn
  • explain how your friend could learn the sport
  • suggest that you learn the sport together

You recently booked a part-time course at a local college. You now need to cancel your booking. Write a letter to the college administrator. In your letter

  • say which part-time course you booked
  • explain why you need to cancel the booking
  • ask about booking a different course

if you are new to IELTS letter writing, or would like to check that your approach is correct, then why not complete this Introduction to Letters lesson, with our ex-examiner, Shelly?


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