Academic Writing Task 1 Maps 2022

Hey! Maps have long been a possible question-type in Academic Writing Task 1. However, until recently, 99% of maps focused on changes that happened in a town. In recent exams, however, there have been more maps that focus on changes to specific buildings or road systems. The problem is that many students still try to use the same key features and organisation for these maps as traditional town maps. The result? A very poor report! Today, Nick and I discuss how you can find better key features for building and road maps, and how you may want to organise these in an entirely different way if there are few changes to the original structure. In other words, you will learn everything about Academic Writing Task 1 Maps 2022!

Below, you can find a summary of the episode, which includes all of the links to useful materials and the times of each part of the discussion (so you can go directly to the part you want to listen to) 🚀

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Below you can see the maps that Nick and I discuss in the episode. A full description of the episode will appear shortly.

Map 1 – The Sports Centre

Map 2 – The Airport

Map 3 – The Park

Map 4 – Islip Town Centre

Map 5 – Hospital Access

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