A cartoon image of a man stands under three arrows pointing at the letters A, B and C to represent how students choose answers for IELTS Multiple Choice Questions

IELTS test-takers often find that Multiple Choice Questions (or MCQ’s for short) are the most difficult to answer in the Listening Exam. This is perhaps not surprising as there is a lot for your brain to process while answering them. Unlike the other types of question that require you listen for ONE answer, MCQ’s require you to assess the viability of THREE possible correct answers – all while trying to follow the audio-script and not get lost!

A pair of headphones with red earphones sit on a dar grey background with a heart floating above to symbolise my love of podcasts when studying IELTS

Podcasts are my favourite way for students to practise their listening skills outside of the classroom. In fact, if you join me in My IELTS Classroom, you will soon get bored of me recommending episodes to listen to! But, why do I love podcasts so much? ❤Well, there isn’t one answer to that question, there are 6 REASONS WHY I LOVE PODCASTS