A question marks sits on top of an example or IELTS cue cards

The 9 Types of IELTS Cue Cards Hey! The IELTS cue cards change every 4 months, with 50% of topics being replaced every April, September, and December. This means that it is almost impossible for students to know and prepare for the 50 possible cards that could appear in their test. Honestly, I think that this is a good thing! Part 2 of the speaking test is supposed to test your ability to speak naturally about a topic, not to test your ability to memorise pre-prepared answers (plus, when you work as an examiner, it is obvious when students have done this).  So, if you can’t predict what the topic of your cue card will be, does that mean that you[…]

An image of an eye looks though a magnifying glass. Below the eye there is a stop watch. The photo symbolises how you have to add details in IELTS Speaking Part 2 in order to be able to speak or 2 minutes.

The importance of adding details to your IELTS Cue Card I want to start this post by telling you something that you might find a bit shocking. Are you ready? In IELTS Speaking Part 1, you don’t need to address all of the bullet points on the IELTS cue card. That’s right, there is no penalty for missing one, or two or even three!  😲