Cambridge IELTS Reading - Changes in Reading Habits

Cambridge IELTS Reading – Changes in Reading Habits

Join Nick and I today as we go through the Cambridge IELTS Reading – Changes in Reading Habits from Cambridge 16, Test Four, Passage Two. In the lesson, we will demonstrate how you can use our Read Once, Read Well technique. If you have not listened to our previous episode about the technique, then I strongly recommend that you do so before you listen to today’s lesson.

It will explain why scanning and skimming is the biggest lie ever told to IELTS test-takers and is the reason why so many receive much lower scores than they deserve in the reading exam. Plus, it outlines our unique technique for approaching all of the questions at the same time.

IELTS reading time management
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Then, in today’s episode, we will show you how to put the technique into action. First, we will explain how to analyse the questions before you read (which will be a nice revision of Multiple Choice and Summary Completion questions for those who have missed previous lessons). Then, we will move through every paragraph, answering all three sets of questions at the same time, explaining the answers as we go.

We will read excerpts from the passage in the podcast, but you will get more out of the lesson if you attempt the reading yourself first. You can find a copy of Cambridge IELTS Reading – Changes in Reading Habits on this link.

This is the first time that we have attempted a guided reading lesson on the podcast, so if you found it useful, let me know in the comments so that we can include more in future episodes.

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