A black background is covered with question marks and red false, yellow Not Given and blue True words. The picture symbolise the difficulty of T/F/NG questions and the necessity for high-level reading skills

We learned A LOT ​in my first post about True / False / Not Give questions. We learned how to identify keywords (even in difficult passages); what the difference between true, false, and not given REALLY is; and how important it is to go back to the beginning of a sentence (or even a paragraph) when you are reading in detail for the answer. ​But, here’s the thing, even after learning these skills and practicing them for hours, many students still find that they have problems answering T/F/NG questions, and they don’t know WHY. And so, they reach a road block and get stuck 🚧🚧🚧. I mean, if you don’t know the REASON for your problem, how are you ever going to fix it? 🛠 So, in today’s blog,[…]