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Unlocking IELTS True False Not Given Questions Hey! Yes, it’s finally here – our episode about IELTS True False Not Given questions! TEN students requested that we have a lesson about this when we asked for listener questions two weeks ago, so I thought we would have a separate episode to go through how you should approach these questions, what you should actually check for when you are reading and, of course, how to choose between false and not given. This is an interactive lesson – you can download the reading text and questions on this link: https://tinyurl.com/y2z3rps9 The text that we will use today is taken and adapted from the 1st edition of “Focus on IELTS”, which was written by[…]

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IELTS True, False, Not Given – I understand the technique, so why can’t I find the correct answers?! We learned A LOT ​in my first post about IELTS True, False, Not Given questions. We learned how to identify keywords (even in difficult passages); what the difference between true, false, and not given REALLY is; and how important it is to go back to the beginning of a sentence (or even a paragraph) when you are reading in detail for the answer. ​ But, here’s the thing, even after learning these skills and practicing them for hours, many students still find that they have problems answering IELTS T/F/NG questions, and they don’t know WHY. And so, they reach a road block and get stuck 🚧🚧🚧. I mean,[…]

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IELTS True / False / Not Given: The Basics Are you confused by IELTS True / False / Not Given questions? Well, you are not alone. They really are question that seems to confuse IELTS test-takers most. I mean, what is the difference between False and Not Given? And if you can scan for the answers, why aren’t they easier to find?  Well, in today’s blog, I hope to finally clear up all of the basic questions you might have about True /False / Not Given questions AND look at where you might be going wrong. But first, let’s look at 🗂 Top 6 IELTS T/F/NG  FACTS 🗂